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We continue to expand our services, equipment and professional people in order to service the needs of our growing clientele.  We are committed to enhancing our safety and training programs to ensure that Dash Energy Services is an industry leader.  We look forward to serving you in the near future.


Dash Energy Services is committed through compliance, with all relevant external regulations regarding the environment, health and safety.  We will demonstrate respect for our employees, environment and general public by providing appropriate training for our employees and sub contractors, quality maintained equipment and continuously update policies and procedures.
Dash Energy Services will fulfill all requirements, to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible quality of service and products.


Privacy Statement

Dash Energy Services is committed to an accident free workplace with the objective of protecting:

  • all employees and subcontractors that work with our operations.
  • the property and equipment used in the business process.
  • the environment where work is being conducted, and
  • all visitors and customers that the company interacts with

To accomplish this objective, the company will:

  • comply with all Federal and Provincial statues which are applicable.
  • train workers to ensure that they are competent to perform their tasks in a safe a proper manner.
  • ensure that the necessary personal protective equipment is used and the instruction for proper use and care is understood.
  • investigate every accident promptly and thoroughly, so as not to point blame on any one individual but to determine the root cause in order to prevent its, reoccurrence, and
  • develop and enforce safety and health rules.

The Health and Safety Program of our company is not static -as new technologies, training programs, safe work procedures and legislative changes occur, the elements within our program will require updating and further development.
Management will ensure that the proper equipment, training and procedures are in place.  Employees and subcontractors are responsible for following safe work procedures and to communicate unsafe work conditions, whenever possible.  By working together, we can all enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.
The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable government regulations, with which all employees should be familiar with.